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The Official Home of Python Technology

What is Python

Python is a freely available, very high level, interpreted language developed by Guido van Rossum. It combines a clear syntax with powerful (but optional) object-oriented semantics. Python is available for almost every computer platform you might find yourself working on, and has strong portability between platforms. Python is rapidly becoming the language of choice for working programmers worldwide. Find out more by following the start here section on the left.

News and Articles

ONLamp Interview with Guido

Guido graciously agreed to an interview with Steve Holden on the move, recent developments, and Python in general

Frederick Lundh wins the Frank Willison Award

Fredrik Lundh received the Frank Willison Award for Contributions to the Python Community, July 8th at OSCON 2003

Case Studies and Success Stories

Python Success Stories help you make the case for Python's adoption in your organization.

Python 2.3 New Features - Heapq

Fredrik Lundh's series on new modules in Python 2.3 this week look at the new heapq module, which provides functions to add and remove items from partially sorted sequence.


Python 2.3.4 Available

We're happy to announce the release of Python 2.3.4 (final) on May 27th, 2004. This is a bug-fix release for Python 2.3 that fixes a number of bugs, including a couple of weakref bugs and a bug in pickle version 2. There are also a number of fixes to the standard library, and some build fixes

Europython in Göteborg, Sweden

EuroPython 2004 is taking place in Göteborg, Sweden from June 7-9 2004. Register today or view the programme.

OSCON 2004

Registration for O'Reilly's OSCON 2004 is now open.

Proceedings for PyCon DC 2004 available

PyCon DC 2004 was held March 24-26, 2004 in Washington, D.C. The proceedings are now available. Linux Journal has published a conference report.

PyZine Issue 5

Here comes another Quarter full of one-of-a-kind Python articles! PyZine issue 5 is now out