Tutorials at the Third Python Workshop

The tutorial fee will be $50 for a single tutorial session, or $100 for any combination of two or three sessions. (See registration page for details.) Please indicate which tutorials topics you plan to attend. Rank them if you are interested in more than one. There are two tutorial tracks, in the time slot 7:00-9:00 AM on Mon-Wed December 4-6, 1995. One track extends across the entire three days:

The other track includes one two-day sequence and a single-day session:

Here are some details about two of the tutorial sequences:

Extending and Embedding Python

Instructor:Guido van Rossum Required background: experience in Python programming; experience in C programming; some experience in building Unix applications using Make. Topics discussed will also include:

Designing World Wide Web services using Python

Instructor:Paul Everitt, or someone like him
This tutorial will teach the use of Python for delivering Internet services. After a discussion of the problem domain (mainly the WWW), we will begin with CGI programming, using Python, on various platforms with various WWW servers.

Then, we will discuss how to use the Digital Creations' software to do non-CGI applications. This will introduce CORBA programming using ILU, and our interface into the httpd API.


Here are some old ideas for tutorials, for further consideration...

	General Intro to Python
	Introduction to Python for Software Developers
	Writing GUI applications in Python:
		Grail applet writing
		MFC programming with Python
                Tk Programming with Python
		Programming with wpy
                wxWindows Programming with Python
		Fresco Programming with Python
	  	Motif Programming with Python 
	Computational Python
 	Interfacing Python to Database
        Writing C extensions to Python
        Embedding Python
        WWW development with Python
	Designing Grail Applets 
        Optimizing Python Programs
	ILU Programming in Python
	Threads Programming with Python

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