Appointment of Proxy for March 24, 2005 member meeting in Washington, DC

Designation of Proxy

As a member of the Python Software Foundation (PSF), I hereby appoint:

[Print the name of the person you are appointing as your proxy.]

as my proxy with full power to vote in accordance with the directions provided here and on all other matters that may come before the PSF member meeting to be held in Washington D.C. at the Cafritz Conference Center (GWU) on Thursday, March 24, 2005 from 5:15-7:15 pm.

Election of Sponsor Members

The following organizations have been nominated as sponsor members of the PSF.

Election of Nominated Members

The following people have been nominated as nominated members of the PSF.

Conversion of Inactive Members to Emeritus Status

The following PSF members have been inactive for the past three years and have never voted as a PSF meeting, either in person or by proxy.

Please select those members that should be converted to Emeritus (non-voting) status. This measure is important to make sure we can attain quorum at future meetings.

Increase of Number of Directors

There are current seven (7) members of the Board of Directors. We have eight candidates for the position this year, and have the option of increasing the size of the Board by member vote.

The advantage of increasing the size of the Board is that additional volunteers are needed to take care of the Board's duties. Although an even number may lead to voting deadlock, this is very unlikely in practice.

The following motion will be introduced at the meeting by Stephan Deibel:

RESOLVED, that the number of Directors serving on the Board of Directors shall be increased to eight (8).

Board Elections

The following current board members have nominated themselves for a new term: In addition, the following people have been nominated as new directors:

My votes for directors go to:

  1. _______________
  2. _______________
  3. _______________
  4. _______________
  5. _______________
  6. _______________
  7. _______________
  8. _______________
[Put in at many names as you like. There will be 7 directors, unless the members move to change that number at the meeting.]

Additional Instructions

With regards to any other issues which may come up for member vote at the meeting, my instructions to the holder of the proxy are to:
[ ] Do as you see fit  (this is the default)

[ ] Abstain

[ ] Specific Instructions:  ______________________________________





Authorized Signature

I authorize you to act in accordance with the instructions set out above. I hereby revoke any proxy previously given for this meeting. If no voting instructions are given, the holder of the proxy may act at his or her discretion.

Name (print): _______________________________________

Signed: ____________________________________________

Date: ______________________________________________

Filing note

Deadline for Receipt: Midnight Weds March 23

This form must be filed with the Secretary of the PSF in advance of the meeting. The form may be mailed or faxed to

Python Software Foundation
c/o Neal Norwitz
1707 Sinclair Lane
Crownsville, MD 21032-1925

Fax: +1 410 451 0504

or by GPG/PGP-signed email to psf at

Please use fax or email if at all possible. We can't guarantee we'll get snail mail in time. When using fax or snail mail, send a copy of the proxy by email, too.