This is what you really want -- examples of how to create your own web site styles. These are done by creating a generator class, which customizes not only style elements such as the sidebar colors and the corner icon, but also such elements as the copyright notice and what RFC 2822-style headers are recognized. Sorry, but there's no really good documentation for how to do this yet, so UTSL. Here are a list of generator classes I've included:

  • -- this is the generator class for the ht2html documentation pages.

  • -- this is the generator class for the site. Almost all .html files on the site have a corresponding .ht file, so you should be able to just delete the trailing ml from the url to view it. Also look around for links.h files which contain the sidebar links.

  • -- this is the generator for my personal Web pages.

  • -- this was the generator for the old JPython site, but I'm not sure if the same one is still used for the new Jython site.

  • -- this was the generator for the documentation that comes with JPython. The neat thing about this was that I can maintain one set of source .ht files for both the on-line version of the docs, and the off-line version that you can access via file: URLs once you've installed JPython. This handles the situation where some links for the off-line version will have to send you out onto the web.

  • -- not really used anywhere but provides a fallback when no other generator is specified. Also, it shows you how simple a generator can be.