Generate a .html file from a .ht template. [options] file1 [file2 [...]]


--rootdir directory
-r directory
Specify the root of the Web page hierarchy. Otherwise the current directory is used.

--style classmod
-s classmod
Specifies the generator style. classmod is both a module name and a class name. The module is imported (so it must be findable on your sys.path) and the class is dug out of that module (so they must have the same name). This class is instantiated by passing the following arguments:

  • file -- the .ht file to be parsed
  • rootdir -- as specified above
  • relthis -- the directory path to get from rootdir to the current directory. Note that rootdir must be a direct parent of the current directory.

file should be passed to HTParser to create an instance of the file parser. Your class should also create a LinkFixer using (the .html version of) file, rootdir, and relthis.

Make a backup of any existing .html if it would get overwritten.

--backupext ext
-x ext
Specify the extension for backup files. Otherwise .bak is used.

Force overwritting of .html file even if the generated file is the same. Otherwise only overwrite .html file if the new one is different.

Print the version number and exit.

Be quiet.

Print this message and exit.