"""Generic FAQ Wizard. This is a CGI program that maintains a user-editable FAQ. It uses RCS to keep track of changes to individual FAQ entries. It is fully configurable; everything you might want to change when using this program to maintain some other FAQ than the Python FAQ is contained in the configuration module, faqconf.py. Note that this is not an executable script; it's an importable module. The actual script to place in cgi-bin is faqw.py. """ import sys, time, os, stat, re, cgi, faqconf from faqconf import * # This imports all uppercase names now = time.time() class FileError: def __init__(self, file): self.file = file class InvalidFile(FileError): pass class NoSuchSection(FileError): def __init__(self, section): FileError.__init__(self, NEWFILENAME %(section, 1)) self.section = section class NoSuchFile(FileError): def __init__(self, file, why=None): FileError.__init__(self, file) self.why = why def escape(s): s = s.replace('&', '&') s = s.replace('<', '<') s = s.replace('>', '>') return s def escapeq(s): s = escape(s) s = s.replace('"', '"') return s def _interpolate(format, args, kw): try: quote = kw['_quote'] except KeyError: quote = 1 d = (kw,) + args + (faqconf.__dict__,) m = MagicDict(d, quote) return format % m def interpolate(format, *args, **kw): return _interpolate(format, args, kw) def emit(format, *args, **kw): try: f = kw['_file'] except KeyError: f = sys.stdout f.write(_interpolate(format, args, kw)) translate_prog = None def translate(text, pre=0): global translate_prog if not translate_prog: translate_prog = prog = re.compile( r'\b(http|ftp|https)://\S+(\b|/)|\b[-.\w]+@[-.\w]+') else: prog = translate_prog i = 0 list = [] while 1: m = prog.search(text, i) if not m: break j = m.start() list.append(escape(text[i:j])) i = j url = m.group(0) while url[-1] in '();:,.?\'"<>': url = url[:-1] i = i + len(url) url = escape(url) if not pre or (pre and PROCESS_PREFORMAT): if ':' in url: repl = '%s' % (url, url) else: repl = '%s' % (url, url) else: repl = url list.append(repl) j = len(text) list.append(escape(text[i:j])) return ''.join(list) def emphasize(line): return re.sub(r'\*([a-zA-Z]+)\*', r'\1', line) revparse_prog = None def revparse(rev): global revparse_prog if not revparse_prog: revparse_prog = re.compile(r'^(\d{1,3})\.(\d{1,4})$') m = revparse_prog.match(rev) if not m: return None [major, minor] = map(int, m.group(1, 2)) return major, minor logon = 0 def log(text): if logon: logfile = open("logfile", "a") logfile.write(text + "\n") logfile.close() def load_cookies(): if not os.environ.has_key('HTTP_COOKIE'): return {} raw = os.environ['HTTP_COOKIE'] words = [s.strip() for s in raw.split(';')] cookies = {} for word in words: i = word.find('=') if i >= 0: key, value = word[:i], word[i+1:] cookies[key] = value return cookies def load_my_cookie(): cookies = load_cookies() try: value = cookies[COOKIE_NAME] except KeyError: return {} import urllib value = urllib.unquote(value) words = value.split('/') while len(words) < 3: words.append('') author = '/'.join(words[:-2]) email = words[-2] password = words[-1] return {'author': author, 'email': email, 'password': password} def send_my_cookie(ui): name = COOKIE_NAME value = "%s/%s/%s" % (ui.author, ui.email, ui.password) import urllib value = urllib.quote(value) then = now + COOKIE_LIFETIME gmt = time.gmtime(then) path = os.environ.get('SCRIPT_NAME', '/cgi-bin/') print "Set-Cookie: %s=%s; path=%s;" % (name, value, path), print time.strftime("expires=%a, %d-%b-%y %X GMT", gmt) class MagicDict: def __init__(self, d, quote): self.__d = d self.__quote = quote def __getitem__(self, key): for d in self.__d: try: value = d[key] if value: value = str(value) if self.__quote: value = escapeq(value) return value except KeyError: pass return '' class UserInput: def __init__(self): self.__form = cgi.FieldStorage() #log("\n\nbody: " + self.body) def __getattr__(self, name): if name[0] == '_': raise AttributeError try: value = self.__form[name].value except (TypeError, KeyError): value = '' else: value = value.strip() setattr(self, name, value) return value def __getitem__(self, key): return getattr(self, key) class FaqEntry: def __init__(self, fp, file, sec_num): self.file = file self.sec, self.num = sec_num if fp: import rfc822 self.__headers = rfc822.Message(fp) self.body = fp.read().strip() else: self.__headers = {'title': "%d.%d. " % sec_num} self.body = '' def __getattr__(self, name): if name[0] == '_': raise AttributeError key = '-'.join(name.split('_')) try: value = self.__headers[key] except KeyError: value = '' setattr(self, name, value) return value def __getitem__(self, key): return getattr(self, key) def load_version(self): command = interpolate(SH_RLOG_H, self) p = os.popen(command) version = '' while 1: line = p.readline() if not line: break if line[:5] == 'head:': version = line[5:].strip() p.close() self.version = version def getmtime(self): if not self.last_changed_date: return 0 try: return os.stat(self.file)[stat.ST_MTIME] except os.error: return 0 def emit_marks(self): mtime = self.getmtime() if mtime >= now - DT_VERY_RECENT: emit(MARK_VERY_RECENT, self) elif mtime >= now - DT_RECENT: emit(MARK_RECENT, self) def show(self, edit=1): emit(ENTRY_HEADER1, self) self.emit_marks() emit(ENTRY_HEADER2, self) pre = 0 raw = 0 for line in self.body.split('\n'): # Allow the user to insert raw html into a FAQ answer # (Skip Montanaro, with changes by Guido) tag = line.rstrip().lower() if tag == '': raw = 1 continue if tag == '': raw = 0 continue if raw: print line continue if not line.strip(): if pre: print '' pre = 0 else: print '

' else: if not line[0].isspace(): if pre: print '' pre = 0 else: if not pre: print '

                        pre = 1
                if '/' in line or '@' in line:
                    line = translate(line, pre)
                elif '<' in line or '&' in line:
                    line = escape(line)
                if not pre and '*' in line:
                    line = emphasize(line)
                print line
        if pre:
            print '
' pre = 0 if edit: print '

' emit(ENTRY_FOOTER, self) if self.last_changed_date: emit(ENTRY_LOGINFO, self) print '

' class FaqDir: entryclass = FaqEntry __okprog = re.compile(OKFILENAME) def __init__(self, dir=os.curdir): self.__dir = dir self.__files = None def __fill(self): if self.__files is not None: return self.__files = files = [] okprog = self.__okprog for file in os.listdir(self.__dir): if self.__okprog.match(file): files.append(file) files.sort() def good(self, file): return self.__okprog.match(file) def parse(self, file): m = self.good(file) if not m: return None sec, num = m.group(1, 2) return int(sec), int(num) def list(self): # XXX Caller shouldn't modify result self.__fill() return self.__files def open(self, file): sec_num = self.parse(file) if not sec_num: raise InvalidFile(file) try: fp = open(file) except IOError, msg: raise NoSuchFile(file, msg) try: return self.entryclass(fp, file, sec_num) finally: fp.close() def show(self, file, edit=1): self.open(file).show(edit=edit) def new(self, section): if not SECTION_TITLES.has_key(section): raise NoSuchSection(section) maxnum = 0 for file in self.list(): sec, num = self.parse(file) if sec == section: maxnum = max(maxnum, num) sec_num = (section, maxnum+1) file = NEWFILENAME % sec_num return self.entryclass(None, file, sec_num) class FaqWizard: def __init__(self): self.ui = UserInput() self.dir = FaqDir() def go(self): print 'Content-type: text/html' req = self.ui.req or 'home' mname = 'do_%s' % req try: meth = getattr(self, mname) except AttributeError: self.error("Bad request type %r." % (req,)) else: try: meth() except InvalidFile, exc: self.error("Invalid entry file name %s" % exc.file) except NoSuchFile, exc: self.error("No entry with file name %s" % exc.file) except NoSuchSection, exc: self.error("No section number %s" % exc.section) self.epilogue() def error(self, message, **kw): self.prologue(T_ERROR) emit(message, kw) def prologue(self, title, entry=None, **kw): emit(PROLOGUE, entry, kwdict=kw, title=escape(title)) def epilogue(self): emit(EPILOGUE) def do_home(self): self.prologue(T_HOME) emit(HOME) def do_debug(self): self.prologue("FAQ Wizard Debugging") form = cgi.FieldStorage() cgi.print_form(form) cgi.print_environ(os.environ) cgi.print_directory() cgi.print_arguments() def do_search(self): query = self.ui.query if not query: self.error("Empty query string!") return if self.ui.querytype == 'simple': query = re.escape(query) queries = [query] elif self.ui.querytype in ('anykeywords', 'allkeywords'): words = filter(None, re.split('\W+', query)) if not words: self.error("No keywords specified!") return words = map(lambda w: r'\b%s\b' % w, words) if self.ui.querytype[:3] == 'any': queries = ['|'.join(words)] else: # Each of the individual queries must match queries = words else: # Default to regular expression queries = [query] self.prologue(T_SEARCH) progs = [] for query in queries: if self.ui.casefold == 'no': p = re.compile(query) else: p = re.compile(query, re.IGNORECASE) progs.append(p) hits = [] for file in self.dir.list(): try: entry = self.dir.open(file) except FileError: constants for p in progs: if not p.search(entry.title) and not p.search(entry.body): break else: hits.append(file) if not hits: emit(NO_HITS, self.ui, count=0) elif len(hits) <= MAXHITS: if len(hits) == 1: emit(ONE_HIT, count=1) else: emit(FEW_HITS, count=len(hits)) self.format_all(hits, headers=0) else: emit(MANY_HITS, count=len(hits)) self.format_index(hits) def do_all(self): self.prologue(T_ALL) files = self.dir.list() self.last_changed(files) self.format_index(files, localrefs=1) self.format_all(files) def do_compat(self): files = self.dir.list() emit(COMPAT) self.last_changed(files) self.format_index(files, localrefs=1) self.format_all(files, edit=0) sys.exit(0) # XXX Hack to suppress epilogue def last_changed(self, files): latest = 0 for file in files: entry = self.dir.open(file) if entry: mtime = mtime = entry.getmtime() if mtime > latest: latest = mtime print time.strftime(LAST_CHANGED, time.localtime(latest)) emit(EXPLAIN_MARKS) def format_all(self, files, edit=1, headers=1): sec = 0 for file in files: try: entry = self.dir.open(file) except NoSuchFile: continue if headers and entry.sec != sec: sec = entry.sec try: title = SECTION_TITLES[sec] except KeyError: title = "Untitled" emit("\n


%(sec)s. %(title)s

\n", sec=sec, title=title) entry.show(edit=edit) def do_index(self): self.prologue(T_INDEX) files = self.dir.list() self.last_changed(files) self.format_index(files, add=1) def format_index(self, files, add=0, localrefs=0): sec = 0 for file in files: try: entry = self.dir.open(file) except NoSuchFile: continue if entry.sec != sec: if sec: if add: emit(INDEX_ADDSECTION, sec=sec) emit(INDEX_ENDSECTION, sec=sec) sec = entry.sec try: title = SECTION_TITLES[sec] except KeyError: title = "Untitled" emit(INDEX_SECTION, sec=sec, title=title) if localrefs: emit(LOCAL_ENTRY, entry) else: emit(INDEX_ENTRY, entry) entry.emit_marks() if sec: if add: emit(INDEX_ADDSECTION, sec=sec) emit(INDEX_ENDSECTION, sec=sec) def do_recent(self): if not self.ui.days: days = 1 else: days = float(self.ui.days) try: cutoff = now - days * 24 * 3600 except OverflowError: cutoff = 0 list = [] for file in self.dir.list(): entry = self.dir.open(file) if not entry: continue mtime = entry.getmtime() if mtime >= cutoff: list.append((mtime, file)) list.sort() list.reverse() self.prologue(T_RECENT) if days <= 1: period = "%.2g hours" % (days*24) else: period = "%.6g days" % days if not list: emit(NO_RECENT, period=period) elif len(list) == 1: emit(ONE_RECENT, period=period) else: emit(SOME_RECENT, period=period, count=len(list)) self.format_all(map(lambda (mtime, file): file, list), headers=0) emit(TAIL_RECENT) def do_roulette(self): import random files = self.dir.list() if not files: self.error("No entries.") return file = random.choice(files) self.prologue(T_ROULETTE) emit(ROULETTE) self.dir.show(file) def do_help(self): self.prologue(T_HELP) emit(HELP) def do_show(self): entry = self.dir.open(self.ui.file) self.prologue(T_SHOW) entry.show() def do_add(self): self.prologue(T_ADD) emit(ADD_HEAD) sections = SECTION_TITLES.items() sections.sort() for section, title in sections: emit(ADD_SECTION, section=section, title=title) emit(ADD_TAIL) def do_delete(self): self.prologue(T_DELETE) emit(DELETE) def do_log(self): entry = self.dir.open(self.ui.file) self.prologue(T_LOG, entry) emit(LOG, entry) self.rlog(interpolate(SH_RLOG, entry), entry) def rlog(self, command, entry=None): output = os.popen(command).read() sys.stdout.write('
        athead = 0
        lines = output.split('\n')
        while lines and not lines[-1]:
            del lines[-1]
        if lines:
            line = lines[-1]
            if line[:1] == '=' and len(line) >= 40 and \
               line == line[0]*len(line):
                del lines[-1]
        headrev = None
        for line in lines:
            if entry and athead and line[:9] == 'revision ':
                rev = line[9:].split()
                mami = revparse(rev)
                if not mami:
                    print line
                    emit(REVISIONLINK, entry, rev=rev, line=line)
                    if mami[1] > 1:
                        prev = "%d.%d" % (mami[0], mami[1]-1)
                        emit(DIFFLINK, entry, prev=prev, rev=rev)
                    if headrev:
                        emit(DIFFLINK, entry, prev=rev, rev=headrev)
                        headrev = rev
                athead = 0
                athead = 0
                if line[:1] == '-' and len(line) >= 20 and \
                   line == len(line) * line[0]:
                    athead = 1
') else: print line print '
' def do_revision(self): entry = self.dir.open(self.ui.file) rev = self.ui.rev mami = revparse(rev) if not mami: self.error("Invalid revision number: %r." % (rev,)) self.prologue(T_REVISION, entry) self.shell(interpolate(SH_REVISION, entry, rev=rev)) def do_diff(self): entry = self.dir.open(self.ui.file) prev = self.ui.prev rev = self.ui.rev mami = revparse(rev) if not mami: self.error("Invalid revision number: %r." % (rev,)) if prev: if not revparse(prev): self.error("Invalid previous revision number: %r." % (prev,)) else: prev = '%d.%d' % (mami[0], mami[1]) self.prologue(T_DIFF, entry) self.shell(interpolate(SH_RDIFF, entry, rev=rev, prev=prev)) def shell(self, command): output = os.popen(command).read() sys.stdout.write('
        print escape(output)
        print '
' def do_new(self): entry = self.dir.new(section=int(self.ui.section)) entry.version = '*new*' self.prologue(T_EDIT) emit(EDITHEAD) emit(EDITFORM1, entry, editversion=entry.version) emit(EDITFORM2, entry, load_my_cookie()) emit(EDITFORM3) entry.show(edit=0) def do_edit(self): entry = self.dir.open(self.ui.file) entry.load_version() self.prologue(T_EDIT) emit(EDITHEAD) emit(EDITFORM1, entry, editversion=entry.version) emit(EDITFORM2, entry, load_my_cookie()) emit(EDITFORM3) entry.show(edit=0) def do_review(self): send_my_cookie(self.ui) if self.ui.editversion == '*new*': sec, num = self.dir.parse(self.ui.file) entry = self.dir.new(section=sec) entry.version = "*new*" if entry.file != self.ui.file: self.error("Commit version conflict!") emit(NEWCONFLICT, self.ui, sec=sec, num=num) return else: entry = self.dir.open(self.ui.file) entry.load_version() # Check that the FAQ entry number didn't change if self.ui.title.split()[:1] != entry.title.split()[:1]: self.error("Don't change the entry number please!") return # Check that the edited version is the current version if entry.version != self.ui.editversion: self.error("Commit version conflict!") emit(VERSIONCONFLICT, entry, self.ui) return commit_ok = ((not PASSWORD or self.ui.password == PASSWORD) and self.ui.author and '@' in self.ui.email and self.ui.log) if self.ui.commit: if not commit_ok: self.cantcommit() else: self.commit(entry) return self.prologue(T_REVIEW) emit(REVIEWHEAD) entry.body = self.ui.body entry.title = self.ui.title entry.show(edit=0) emit(EDITFORM1, self.ui, entry) if commit_ok: emit(COMMIT) else: emit(NOCOMMIT_HEAD) self.errordetail() emit(NOCOMMIT_TAIL) emit(EDITFORM2, self.ui, entry, load_my_cookie()) emit(EDITFORM3) def cantcommit(self): self.prologue(T_CANTCOMMIT) print CANTCOMMIT_HEAD self.errordetail() print CANTCOMMIT_TAIL def errordetail(self): if PASSWORD and self.ui.password != PASSWORD: emit(NEED_PASSWD) if not self.ui.log: emit(NEED_LOG) if not self.ui.author: emit(NEED_AUTHOR) if not self.ui.email: emit(NEED_EMAIL) def commit(self, entry): file = entry.file # Normalize line endings in body if '\r' in self.ui.body: self.ui.body = re.sub('\r\n?', '\n', self.ui.body) # Normalize whitespace in title self.ui.title = ' '.join(self.ui.title.split()) # Check that there were any changes if self.ui.body == entry.body and self.ui.title == entry.title: self.error("You didn't make any changes!") return # need to lock here because otherwise the file exists and is not writable (on NT) command = interpolate(SH_LOCK, file=file) p = os.popen(command) output = p.read() try: os.unlink(file) except os.error: pass try: f = open(file, 'w') except IOError, why: self.error(CANTWRITE, file=file, why=why) return date = time.ctime(now) emit(FILEHEADER, self.ui, os.environ, date=date, _file=f, _quote=0) f.write('\n') f.write(self.ui.body) f.write('\n') f.close() import tempfile tf = tempfile.NamedTemporaryFile() emit(LOGHEADER, self.ui, os.environ, date=date, _file=tf) tf.flush() tf.seek(0) command = interpolate(SH_CHECKIN, file=file, tfn=tf.name) log("\n\n" + command) p = os.popen(command) output = p.read() sts = p.close() log("output: " + output) log("done: " + str(sts)) log("TempFile:\n" + tf.read() + "end") if not sts: self.prologue(T_COMMITTED) emit(COMMITTED) else: self.error(T_COMMITFAILED) emit(COMMITFAILED, sts=sts) print '
' % escape(output) try: os.unlink(tf.name) except os.error: pass entry = self.dir.open(file) entry.show() wiz = FaqWizard() wiz.go()