0.1 About This Manual

This manual is the programmer's guide to the Tix library. It takes you though a step-by-step tutorial about the different widgets and functions available in the Tix library. It also covers how to write new widgets using the Tix Intrinsics objecr-oriented programming interface. The accompanying Tix Reference Manual is a collection of the Tix manual pages. It describes all the options and other details of the Tix widgets and functions.

0.2 About This HTML Document

This HTML document is converted from LaTeX source files to HTML by a home grown TeX to HTML converter. This converted is written solely in TCL and it can convert any LaTeX commands used in this document (and probably nothing else).

0.3 Other Formats Of This Document

This document is also available both postscript and HTML format. The postscript format is available at ftp://ftp.xpi.com/pub/tix-4.0.ps.gz. The HTML format is available from http://www.xpi.com/tix/doc/tix-4.0/tix.book.html

0.4 Organization of This Manual

Chapter 1 , Introduction gets you started with the Tix widgets by describing their basic options and operations. Chapter 2 , Container Widgets, describes the Tix widgets that can be used to contain other widgets and maintain their geometry. Chapter 3 , TList Widget and Display Items, describes the tabular listbox widget and the Tix display items, which are used by many Tix widgets. Chapter 4 , Hierarchical Listbox, describes how to create a hierarchical list structure using the TixHList widget. Chapter 5 , Selection Files and Directories, describes how to use the file and directory selection widgets in the Tix library. Finally, Chapter 6 , Tix Object Oriented Programming, describes how to use the Tix object oriented programming library to create new classes of Tix widgets.